Student Testimonials

Sarah Ciampi

SWINA was an amazing experience and I have met wonderful and knowledgeable instructors, fellow classmates and friends. The experience I received here is so valuable and I appreciate all the hands on experienced I received. Even while pregnant I received all the help and assistance the school has to offer J


~ Sara Ciampi

Star Martin

I’m excited to have extended my education with the laser program and look forward to continuing my craft of aesthetics and applying my knowledge of laser in a medical setting.


~ Star Martin

Mandi Mayer

After deciding to leave a career of 15 years corporate America, I was feeling vulnerable & indecisive of my next chapter in life. Knowing I wanted to help heal & make individuals feel beautiful in their own skin naturally, SWINA just appeared and the rest was history. The school (program), staff & education went above my expectations its more than just a “school”. I gained much more than an education. I received a new lifestyle, network & a group of support I know I can come to if I ever have questions. Because of my experience with SWINA & the entirety of the school, I want to proceed in other programs in the future. I highly recommend SWINA/SWIHA to anyone looking to further education or make a change in their life. That is what this program did for me.


~ Mandi Mayer

Veronika Lewis

I absolutely loved my time in the SWINA laser clinic! Being surrounded by instructors who are passionate about the education of their students has made me so much more of a confidant individual. I cannot wait to continue my education to become an instructor myself.


~ Veronika Lewis