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Student Testimonials

SWINA really sets the standard for the best possible aesthetics education available! The commitment, support, and encouragement of the entire SWINA team was very profound. Thank you so much for everything!
~Jaime P.
The instructors were great; I learned so much from SWINA!
~Lauren A.
A great school and great experience! I loved attending SWINA and will be forever grateful for it!
~Alexis H.
My experience at SWINA was amazing! The instructors were very professional but still provided me with a relationship where I felt comfortable asking questions. The program provided me with the hands-on experience that will help me thrive in my business!
~Alexis O.
This was a wonderful experience and I have grown in many ways! The training was very thorough and detailed, and the instructors were great!
~Erin P.
I absolutely loved attending this school! It’s such a great feeling to be a part of a community that cares so much about the success of not only themselves but of others. The training was very extensive and hands-on, and the staff was very supportive no matter what!
~Arielle B.
I loved the hands-on clinic and spa interaction! The instructors were both great and helpful.
~Reisa Jackson
I enjoyed my program greatly and I feel prepared for a career in skincare. Thank you!
~Amy R.
I absolutely love Southwest Institute of Natural Aesthetics! I have never been in such a positive environment like SWINA. They taught me courage and patience, as well as being open and accepting! I feel more confident and prepared in my life. I love that SWINA doesn’t just teach you skincare; they teach you how to live a more balanced life and how to look within and create the experience that you want. For that I am a better and more caring aesthetician!
~Tannis M.
Overall, I was satisfied with my experience! I will always be thankful I picked SWINA!
~Maria J.

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