Your commitment to attentive skin care will reward you with many benefits in addition to simply cleansing and rejuvenating. Facial treatments improve circulation to the face and eye area, increase cellular turnover, eliminate toxins, and remove damaged skin cells. Air pollutants, sunlight, wind, dust, and poor quality lotions and makeup strip the face of moisture and weaken the skin. Student aestheticians work closely with our instructors to customize your individual skin care needs. We can help with your oily, aging, dry, lackluster, or sun-damaged skin. Our students will pamper you with our aesthetics-grade skin care products, leaving your skin with a lustrous glow after your service.


Receive expert skin analysis and advice – You can stop critiquing every pore in your magnifying mirror at home. Let us help customize your homecare regimen!
Reduce the signs of sun damage and aging – Young and mature skin alike can use a little extra attention, especially here in sunny Phoenix.
Intensively hydrate your skin – Yes, even oily and acne-prone skin types need lots of hydration!
Cleanse and exfoliate on a much deeper level – We have the tools and knowledge to give your skin a deeper clean than you can get at home.
Relaxation with benefits – Get some downtime while also improving your skin!


Signature Facial ……………..$49

A great place to start! This facial is a Spa SWINA staple and includes a specialized skin analysis, thorough cleansing and exfoliation, facial masks, and a massage of the hands, feet, or scalp.


Fabulous Facial ……………..$55

You’re fabulous, so why not treat yourself to a fab facial? This service incorporates highly concentrated products that will indulge your skin and senses while producing noticeable skincare results. Revive your skin and address any skincare issues with the skilled knowledge of our Student Aestheticians and Instructors.

Vitamin C – Environmentally affected & aged skin
Deep Pore Detox – Acne prone skin & excessively oily skin
Deluxe Hydration – Dry dehydrated skin
Pumpkin Antiaging – Mature & lack-luster skin
Skin Brightening – Uneven pigmentation & sun/age spots
Clear Complexion – Acne prone & brightening
Antioxidant – Dry, dehydrated & nutrient-deprived skin


Beyond Fabulous Facial …………….$60

Our most customized facial! This treatment will go well beyond beauty and deliver an unforgettable facial experience. Your Student Aesthetician will select the perfect face mask for your skin concerns, plus a potent and concentrated skin-specific serum (also known as an ampoule). The mask acts as an occlusive to lock in the active ingredients of the serum and encourages deeper skin penetration.


Collagen Fleece Mask – As skin ages and naturally begins to lose its elasticity, this type of mask is designed to aid the body’s own natural collagen production cycle. The use of a collagen fleece mask will noticeably revive skin’s resiliency, texture and shape, without the cost or risk associated with collagen injections.


Alginate Peel Off Mask – This plant-based mask transforms from a gel into a rubbery texture that encases the skin in regenerating ingredients. It easily peels off without residue and leaves the skin detoxified and hydrated.


Ampoule Complexes – These serums which are included in every Beyond Fabulous Facial are concentrated doses of pure active ingredients that penetrate deep within the skin and produce immediate and noticeable results. The mask of your choice will help seal in these ingredients, leaving you with long-lasting results!


Purifying – Anti-inflammatory, soothes & normalizes
Hydrating – Moisture-retaining, enhances skin’s elasticity & softness
Lightening – Tones down skin pigmentation for a more even complexion
Lifting – Long term wrinkle smoothing effect, firming & hydrating


Chemical Peels (exclusions may apply) ……………….. $50 – $60

Our chemical peels will help to smooth your skin and create a fresh, healthy looking appearance. The active ingredients stimulate the skin to reduce fine lines, age spots, and wrinkles, and enhance the skin’s ability to thoroughly absorb products.

● Salicylic – Oily, problematic skin
● Glycolic – Great all-purpose peel
● Lactic – Gentle & hydrating
● Vitamin A – Advanced Peel – Anti-aging & lackluster skin
● Advanced Chemical Peels – Customized


Dermaplaning ……………….. $50

Dermaplaning is a surface treatment that uses a blade to remove the dead skin cells and fine facial hair. This is a great alternative to chemical peels that will refresh and jump start skin renewal while leaving the skin soft and smooth.


Signature Microdermabrasion ……………….. $60

Reveal a new you! Microdermabrasion will diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, decrease pore size, and even out coarse skin texture. This advanced treatment will leave your skin with a fresh, glowing appearance and supple feeling.

Deluxe Microdermabrasion (Face and Neck) ……………….. $70

Upgrade your Signature Microdermabrasion and add a mask PLUS ampoule (concentrated serum). Deluxe upgrades include:

● Collagen Fleece Mask + Ampoule
● Alginate Peel off Mask + Ampoule

Microdermabrasion face, neck & décolleté ……………….. $80
Microdermabrasion Deluxe face, neck & décolleté ……………….. $85


Microcurrent ……………….. $55 or 6 for $250