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Product of the Week

Hylunia - Nightly Renewal Serum (SWINA Product of the Week)

Hylunia Nightly Renewal Serum

• Maximizes free-radical scavenger action and cellular renewal during the restorative hours of sleep.
• Reduces irritation and redness. Combats acne outbreaks by stabilizing sebum production.
• Recommended for nightly use for all skin types

Rhonda Allison - Skin Brightening Cleanser (SWINA Product of the Week)

Rhonda Allison Skin Brightening Cleanser

Is a moisturizing cleanser that helps brighten aging skin & aid with coloration issues.

Hylunia - Rose Water Mist (SWINA Product of the Week)

Hylunia - Rose Water Mist

• Rose Water hydrates and regenerates skin for a soft, healthy and youthful look. • Pumpkin Seed Extract minimizes inflammation while Calendula’s powerful healing and skin-soothing properties help calm irritated skin. • Recommended for sensitive skin. Alleviates redness or rosacea.

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