Advanced Skincare Practitioner & Cosmetic Laser Technician Diploma

Advanced Skincare Practitioner & Cosmetic Laser Technician Diploma

780 Hours | Full Time + Part Time Available

Our 780-hour program is ideal for students who want to become licensed aestheticians while earning a dual certification as a cosmetic laser technician, as well. It combines the curriculum of our 600-hour Natural Aesthetics Practitioner program with the additional coursework and hands-on training of our 180-hour Cosmetic Laser Technician program. These two certifications from Southwest Institute of Natural Aesthetics is a winning combination for a fulfilling and profitable career.

Once students complete the aesthetics portion of the program, they begin laser training. Our state-of-the-art program exceeds the stringent requirements of the Arizona Radiation Regulatory Agency (ARRA) by offering the required 40 hours of Laser and Intense Pulse Light training, plus many hours of clinical observations and hands-on treatments.

The Cosmetic Laser Technician certification program is a combination of lecture, observed procedures, and hands-on training that offers the student the unique opportunity of training in a real world setting, providing services to the public at SWINA’s beautiful Student Day Spa.

SWINA prepares all of our students to pass both the written and practical AZ State Board exams. We pride ourselves in having one of the highest pass rates in the state of Arizona.

Financial Aid is available to those who qualify.